Interesting Offerings
Find offerings of interest

Still trying to figure out what to do this weekend? Find out about vendor offerings in your area that fit your interests and budget. And of course, be it a new restaurant, a jazz concert, or a new movie, it is best enjoyed with friends who share the same interest.
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Shared Interests
Find friends who'll be interested

Finding the right company to share your eclectic interests or just finding interested friends for any activity is now easier with myPEPR listing friends who share your specific interests!

Calendar Availability
Check friends' availability

Hate to call friends and find they're not available to join? A few such failed calls and your plans for a fun time are ready to go into deep freeze! With myPEPR, you can quickly check your friends' social calendars to see who all are available.

Easily plan events all will enjoy!
Relax. myPEPR plans the event for you!

With myPEPR, plan fun activities with friends who share your interests at times convenient to all. No more endless phone calls, emails, or text messages! And send event invitations, check RSVPs, post social media, share event diary… and much more!